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'Bullet' Bob Hayes shatters 100-yard dash record

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June 21, 1963 - Bob Hayes, a 20-year-old freshman from Florida A&M University with a distinctive running style-elbows out, knees high-earned the title "world's fastest human" by shattering the 100-yard-dash record in 9.10 seconds at the Amateur Athletic Union championships in St. Louis.

Bob Hayes Making it to the Finish Line

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Bob Hayes Running Toward Finish Line Tape

© Bettmann/CORBIS

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  • Bob Hayes,is the fastest human ever.Undefeated in 49 consecutive sprints,60yds.,100yds.100 meters.Also world record holder,in those distances.Bob ran as fast as need be to win.The 1964 Tokyo Olympics,4 by 100 meter relay,is proof of this,where he came from way behind,and won going away.The fastest 100 meters of all time,and remember he was running on a dirt track.I will always love Bob Hayes.SA.

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